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Water Meters

After serving flow measurement industry for more than a decade, Chetas Control Systems Private Limited. is Proud to introduce yet another revolutionary product. The concept & designs will create a revolution since Rota meters & mechanical water meters are outdated. In-house R&D efforts of more than 2 years for development of Floredo, proves our Zeal for continuous improvement which keep us way ahead of the competition. Industrially designed, manufactured using the best quality material and versatile in operation, Floredo meets all the requirements of the customer.
We are sure, Floredo is going to be yet another example where we can say "others follow, We lead" !

Salient Features

Unique 2-in 1 combination

Rotameter measures flow rate vertically. Water meter counts total horizontally. Floredo measures both.


Best quality product at most affordable price is advised because of un-ending efforts in R & D.

Battery Operated

No external power supply required, so floredo can be mounted at remote area without any problem. Also it's safe to be used for fuel application.


Material of construction of all components allows floredo to be used for water, oils, fuels, chemicals, petrochemical & food products.

Orientation No-Bar

Floredo can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically avoiding major piping modifications.

Aesthetically Designed

Industrially designed looks make the users proud to own the product.

Easy Easy to read, install, operate, program & maintain.

Floredo to be used for Filtered liquids only. Sediments may cause frequent disturbance to the free motion of the Rotor.

Technical Details
Function Rate indication + Cumulative (total)
Power Supply Built in 3.6V lithium battery (auto off)
Display 7 digit LCD



Flow Range

400 to 5000 LPH 1"BSP Male
1000 to 15000 LPH 1.5" BSP Male

Protection Rating IP 65
Mounting Vertical or Horizontal

Options of Display

Flow Rate: LPH, LPM, M3/Hr
Total Flow : Liters, M3

Expected Battery Life

1 ½ years @ 25°C for continuous use
7 years @ sleep mode


Body - Polycarbonate
Bearing - Ceramic

Operating Temp. Upto 50°C
Operating Pressure Upto 6 Bar